A Rad Christmas

Last week I was busy with several things, but now I am back with a bunch of tips to make your Christmas Party even more amazing and joyful.

Your Christmas Look
I would recommend already planning out what you wish to wear on your Christmas party, so you can overthink it and come up with what makes you most comfortable and shining. Otherwise there is the possibility you look in your mirror a few hours before the fun is about to start and feel uncomfortable because this doesn’t look the way you had it in your mind or your chosen piece lies dirty in the laundry.

Depending on your style and the kind of party you’re going to attend you want to dress from elegant to comfy or sexy. Colors which go best are darkish green, brown, white or creme, red and gold.

For example like this:

Photo by Salonga Redner

Get your hair and nails done
It makes so much of a difference in your appearance. I made something like a „last minute“ appointement for the hairdresser yesterday to have the grown out roots of my hair recolored. Take your Christmas get-together as the perfect excuse to get your hair in style again and if you’re fond of it, have your nails done too. Regardless of which style you prefer, (from simple french to cute little christmas trees and snowmen to golden glitter-chic) not only your hands look really nice and neat, it also gives you interested glances and lots of compliments.

Photo by Kittysyellowjacket

The cooking and drinking
If you have to take care of the dinner, plan early what you want to do and what you need, so you have enough time to buy all the ingredients. Plus, if you plan ahead in time you are more likely to be less stressed out instead of putting everything together last-minute. Make a list of ideas what you want to serve your guests and pick the one you wish to do the most. Although, if you have little cooking experience, just like me, I wouldn’t recommend to try out fancy receipts you have never done before, because it could end up in a huge mess or doesn’t taste at all. Stick to things you know you can do well and taste great.

If you really have no time or talent for cooking, a good catering service can get this job done. Just look for a good one in your city, but be sure to book early enough!

For the drinks you can offer a good wine (red or white depending on what you’re going to cook) and hot winter-tea for the non-alcoholics. Later you could switch to fruit punch and Glühwein. Or what about Bailly’s in waffle or chocolate cups?

Photo by FoodAndEverythingElse

Send invitations
You can stick to the old new media and send them per E-Mail or even facebook (ugh!). Far more personal and lovely are actual postcards. Pick some nice looking ones at the paper store or make your own. A look on Pinterest or google gives a lot of inspiration and this year there were a lot of craft-sets in regular stores for a good price. It may take more time than an electronical message, but gives off a much nicer impression.

Photo by Helloheath

What more?
Christmas music in the background sets everyone in the right mood. Pick a bunch of CDs with either traditional children or Gospel choirs. Or use some mixtapes from http://8tracks.com/explore/christmas. These online radio stations play various Christmas songs the whole day: http://www.christmasfm.com and http://christmasradiofm.radio.de.

To have a nice smell in your house you can use cookie or fir scented candles. But be careful with the fire!

A cute idea (especially if you’ll be having small childs around) is to buy a few pairs of angel wings and build up a photo wall. We had these at the company party a few days ago and not only was it so much fun to pose around in front of the camera, making silly faces. I also died of cuteness overload when the little daughters of coworkers ran past me in their dresses with flapping wings.

Photo by Beckawalley

Make memories
To keep all the fun moments in your memory make sure to make a lot of photos! iPhone, digital camera or professional reflex camera – or even a camcorder! (You could make a nice Christmas DVD afterwards.) When you use a Polaroid you can also draw or write something additional on them. If you are too busy you can even hire someone to take care of the job.

Photo by CandyStripedCafe

And don’t forget…
…to take a long relaxing bath and wash the preparation stress away. Being in a good mood and tension-free lets your charisma shine like that of a beautiful angel.

Photo by Cute-and-Bright

I wish you all a very merry Christmas time! ♥

So long!

See you next Friday!


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    • Miss Red

      Hey, thank you very much! I’m feeling honored :D
      It’s fine to use some ideas, but if you could link back to my blog, I’d really appreciate that. <3

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