A Journey Over The Vast Sea

030814-1Hello again.

My blog has been on a hiatus for quite a long time, so I am thankful for everyone who still follows me. Thank you.
A lot of things happenend in the meantime. I thought a lot about my blog and which direction it should take. In the future this will be less of a lifestyle blog, but featuring more posts about Design, Tips and Tricks around being a Graphic Designer and a bit of personal Style. Naturally there will be a few changes in the look itself, but please see for yourself.

On the other hand, a month ago I’ve been on a cruise with my parents.
030814-2The route went from Hamburg over Lerwick to Akureyri, Isafjodur, Reykjavik, Kirkwall and finally Amsterdam.

The ship itself had a very luxurious ambiente, with things such as a Tiger Bar (which had tigerstipe patterned rugs and seats everywhere), a crystal staircase in front of a piano and golden elevators. Our suite were located on the outside, so we had a wonderful view on the sea all the time. Dreamy!
030814-4Personally I would recommend to take enough thermo underwear with you, if you ever visit this island and don’t want to freeze as much as I did. I knew it would be cold in Iceland, but I wasn’t enough prepared for it to be THIS cold, so I had to wear several layers of thighs and shirts to not become an ice-cube, haha.
030814-5Most of the time busses organized by our ship drove us from place to place. At each stop-over we had around 30 minutes to explore and take pictures until we had to get back and drove to our next location. Seriously, it was a bit stressful with so little time. I am more the selforganized travel-type, where I decide when to leave.
030814-14Nonetheless, like this we had the oppurtunity to see a lot of beautiful places each day.
When being in Iceland check out the thermal baths with their incredible healthy water, tinted in mysterious light blue. Most famous and very expensive is the Blue Lagoon.
Funny thing, we were allowed to go inside and take pictures, while other guests around us took a bath.
030814-10030814-9The weather in Iceland changes really quickly from sunshine to rain to sunshine, so I recommend to always carry an umbrella and sunglasses with you to be fully prepared.

Whoever deeply loves being surrounded by nature and enjoys the simple lifestyle should definitly take a tour around this beautiful island.
030814-15I will soon post more about my cruise trip, featuring red telephone booths in Kirkwall, my new cat-bag and stunning houses in Amsterdam.

So long,
Hope to see you next time!


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