My Cup O’ Tea

flickr-substituteWhen it comes to tea, it is the same for me as coffee is for 90% of the business population. Even in summertime I like to start my days at work with a nice cup of Earl Grey with sugar and milk. Most times I prepare a carafe for the rest of the day, letting it cool down to drink as a juice substitute. I think, fruit tea is especially good for that.
(Unfortunately I couldn’t find a “real” summertea, which you can make with cold water, yet. The ones I tried tasted too bitter and chemical.)

My passion for tea didn’t rose with my travels to Japan, as some people think, but because I fancy this as an old british lifestyle.
From time to time I imagine myself to someday sit on my own balcony, drinking loose, freshly brewed tea from small cups painted with Victorian roses. (Oh, so romantic…!)

While I have a thing for this kind of kitsch, I also fall for more plain but stylish designs with gold elements, such as these:
cups0808141. Winter Landscape Mug 2. Ceramic Mug 3. Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug 4. Mikasa Confetti 14-Ounce Mug 5. DIY Cup from the winthrop chronicles 6. MOBIUS cup 7. Flawed Gold-Plated Cup 8. Luxe Mug

See you next time again!

Intro picture: helloimwild


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