Sunny Days in Kirkwall And Amsterdam

030814-13Here comes part two after this post, talking about my adventures on a cruise.

After our three stops in Iceland we arrived in Kirkwall, which is the small but very charming capital of the Orkney Islands, near Scottland. We’ve got some spare time to explore the city before and after a short bus tour. It felt so great to finally do something on our own!
DSC05033We visited the boutiques and shops with expensive, self made gold jewellery, ate the most fantastic ice-cream in the world (Apple Crumble, oh my!) and counselled an old store owner which Whiskey to buy. 030814-11Red telephone booths!
030814-12Our bus brought us to the Standing Stones. Like Stonehenge no-one really knows why and how people many hundres of years ago put up these large, heavy flagstones, aligned in a circle. A tale goes, they were trolls, having a party and dancing so wildly, that they forgot to hide when the morning arrived. The sun came up and turned them into stone.
DSC05152DSC05128My favorite place of all there the cliffs, where we watched the waves break against dark stone, sparkling under the sunlight. I could have stayed there until nightfall.
030814-7Each day on the ship we enjoyed free drinks at the different bars, mine mostly alcohol free.
DSC05577Our last cruise stop was in Amsterdam. Even though I don’t really like the language, I fell in love on first sight. No house is the same, there are just sooo many cyclists and blooming flowers everywhere. DSC05739After the short bus tour and a bit of spare time we made a canal tour and headed back to the cruise ship. Goodbye, Amsterdam, hello again, Germany.
030814-8Constant companion had been my new cat bag, which I bought on ASOS. I could only fit in my camera and my purse, which was perfect for travelling lightly. Otherwise I might have ended up taking too much with me on each trip.
030814-3To cruise in style I also went to a beauty salon beforehand, getting my nails done. Since then I try to go regularly. I don’t have to worry about broken nails or chipped nail polish like that.

All in all, it has been a wonderful trip, full of new, fantastic and inspiring things. I recommend taking a cruise in one point of your life. It’s a nice experience and you get to know many places in a short time. If you like one in particular you can always take a second trip again by yourself.

So long,

I hope you’ve enjoyed my travel report. See you next time!


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