Days Spent Laughing – Recent Stories

DSC06112After yearning for it for about two weeks, I got swimming again. I like to do that as late as possible for a couple of reasons. First, I can only do that after work and it’s usually dark anyway when I arrive back at home. Second, I save a few Euros when I am using the “night rate” and third… there are less people there. It’s so much more relaxed.
My personal aim is to swim at least for half an hour. After months of not doing anything swimming related, the first five minutes I thought to myself “I can’t do it.”
But once I overcame that point, things went pretty easy.

After the time was up, I went straight to the steam bath, deeply breathing in some fresh citrus scented oils. When sweating in this heat, I imagine my body to leak out all the black toxic stuff inside my body. About 15 minutes later I went out and showered myself with cold water. What a refreshing experience!
(It was also the first time, I didn’t crave for junk food after swimming. Wow!)
Since it was near closing time then, I went back on my way home, but not without stopping when I suddenly saw a cute orange-striped cat.

I let her sniff my hand and once she decided I was a good-willed being, I petted her for a bit.
DSC06128A few days later I met with a friend of mine to eat and chat.
We laughed so much, reving memories of our school life back then and recent travel stories, while drinking alcohol free mixed drinks with limes and mint. I haven’t had laughed so much for ages!
DSC06146DSC06123I also renewed my nail-design to a darker theme. The cross-painting was something I really longed for quite some time, though I think next time I am going to do something more cheerful again.
DSC06152The last thing I did was visiting my uncle for his birthday get-together. I hadn’t seen him since 18 years and also never met the sister of my mother before. They welcomed my parents and me warmly, telling funny stories from their lives and had a reaaally hard time letting us go to sleep despite it’s gotten late.

Those fun days end so fast, you better treasure them while you can, huh?

Well then,
make lots of good new memories!

See you next time again!


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