Creative Days

graffiti1Currently I am working for an agency near Munich East. When I am walking there from the station I am surrounded by countless graffities in all variations. The creativity these artists put into their pictures is truly astonishing! So much love to detail and abstractation.
graffiti2graffiti3While I think simply scribbles of names (like on the right side of the picture) are a violation of a building or property, I love looking at graffities where artists put a lot of thought or personal meaning behind it.
delicious waffleWhen I met up with a friend at the Central Station last week, there were no way around the new waffle-to-go shop, that had opened a few months ago! If you’re near there, check it out, it’s sooo delicious. They have a small selection of choices, such as waffles with banana, ice-cream, cream and chocolate topping, strawberries, chopped almonds,…
It’s not even that expensive and when you’ve collected enough stamps after a few visits, you get a waffle for free, yay!
nail designAfter almost 4 weeks I also had to renew my fingernails. This time I chose a full cover in glitterish red, with a gold line and a white flower. I think this design fits my personalty the best out of all the designs I had so far.
I never did a fullcover before, simply because the grow-out is a lot easier to notice. But after collecting way too many shades of nailpolish, I think I have a color that fits this shade really well.
radical self love bibleOkay, and here’s some pictures of my current personal project: My Radical Self Love Bible.
I am following Gala Darling for a little more about a year now and her positivity and sparkling is something which inspires me on a nearly daily base. She adds to the things, that helps me to pull myself together, trying new things and growing as a being.

Nevertheless, I can be quite a cheapskate, so I didn’t bother buying her RSLB School Course until she had a Summer Sale.
Although I am a graphic-designer, I’m not super-crafty with things, well, but since it’s just for myself – no hard feelings! Just doing what feels right.

And it’s soooo much fun! 
At first I had to overcome my inhibition of cutting magazines. Since they had cost me money at some time in my life and I didn’t want to waste the beautiful pictures on the pages for something, that would look stupid in the end, I never did collages or the likes in my life. (Aside from school projects.)
After braving myself enough to do this, I couldn’t stop tearing pages, snipping and glueing them together, haha.

Then, I followed the step by step instructions of what to write about. Soon I even got my own inspiration, what topics I’d like to add, such as the Guilty Pleasure page shown above. (Which is currently my favorite page design-wise.)

Radical Self Love Bible is a long, long, probably neverending process of discovering oneself, so I am looking forward how my pages will evolve and what things I will learn.

Are you crafty?
What kind of things do you create to express yourself?
Please tell me in the comments!

For that, goodbye!
See you next time again!


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