Oktoberfest Impressions

Schottenhamel tentIf there’s one thing Germany, especially Bavaria, is known about, it’s beer (and women). Like every year, right now, thousands, even millions of people from around the world are gathered together to celebrate for 16 days, while drinking beer or eating Hendl.

But what are they even celebrating? On October 12, in 1810, King Ludwig I married the Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen and invited all the citizen of Munich to join the big party. Since then, the Oktoberfest was held year after year, growing larger over the time. (And so did the prices, heh.)
Oktoberfest balloon kitty DSC06520I visited the Oktoberfest, better known as “Wiesn”, last Sunday together with my coworkers.
Super-German as I am, I arrived half an hour too early, so I took the time to take some first pictures and bought an oversized Kitty Balloon. (I had my eyes on these for years and finally did it!)
beer mug decoration Obazda plateAbout an hour later we took our seats inside the Schottenhamel tent, second stand, with view over the large crowd below us.
The second, the music starts playing, it’s nearly impossible to held conversations, but I guess, that’s not even the purpose of this festival.
Drink instead! And then drink even more, hooray!

Well, I am not fond of beer, so I drank a Spezi Maß, an orange-cola softdrink. Seriously, one litre is more than enough. How can people gulb down eight Maß of beer?!
DirndlI like Dirndl, the traditional dresses women wear. They come in different color schemes and price ranges, but if you don’t want to get strangled by some angry Bavarians, please do yourself a favor and don’t buy the cheap plastic glitter-tulle ones. Standard prices range around 100€ (fashion chains like H&M) to 300€ (traditional stores), but like everything, the sky’s the limit if you want to go really overboard.
augustiner bräu tentfigure decorationAfter about 2 hours our time inside was up and we had to leave the reserved tables. A coworker and I took our time to wander around the place for a while, bought some gingerbread hearts and chocolate fruits.
tent decorationAs it were getting darker, we headed back home.

Have some of you been to the Wiesn, too? 
Or do you feel more like fleeing from all the drunken people in the streets?

Either way, have a good time!
See you next time again!

So long, good night.


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