My Sweet Escape Garden

botanic garden dublinIt is good to get to know the city you are living in. This is something that easily gets forgotten, when we are living our daily lives. We are going to work and once it’s time to go home, we just feel the need to relax in our four walls, especially when the weather is not as nice as we wish it to be.

I am very guilty of this. After spending 3 months in Dublin now, a certain routine has set in and I often find myself staying in front of the computer all night instead of going out.

botanic garden dublinThat’s why, a few weeks ago, when it was warm and sunny, I decided to overcome my laziness and spend my time exploring my new home a bit. Out of all the things to do, I liked the idea of being surrounded by nature the most. But a lot of my favorite points of interest were located too far outside of Dublin city and I didn’t want to go by train all by myself. (I enjoy day-trips the most with friends.)

So, after a bit of research, the best option was to hop onto a bus and drive to the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. From our center it is about an half an hour ride. (I took bus number 83, but number 4 and 9 also get you there. For more information, click here.)

The entry to the Botanic Garden is completely free, except if you wish to attend a guided group tour.

They have several glasshouses with different themes, but the palm house was my favorite. It’s warm and very humid in there, but look at these big purple blossoms hanging from the walls amidst all the big green leafs. ♥

botanic garden dublinbotanic garden dublinbotanic garden dublinbotanic garden dublinNonetheless, the outdoor gardens are also nothing to sneeze at. You can easily get lost following all these little paths, taking you to small birch forests or fields with local flora and fauna.

botanic garden dublinThe only slightly sad thing was, that most roses in the rose garden weren’t fully opened yet, although all other bushes and plants bloomed like crazy. After spending the next 20 minutes following and watching squirrels hopping through daisies and meadow, I reached this beautiful hangout.

botanic garden dublin
I wish, I could have sat there for a longer time, surrounded by pastel purple blossoms, but it was getting colder and more cloudy, so I hurried up to finish my visit before the big rain clouds would come.

I recommend everyone, who is tired from seeing nothing but city buildings or hearing the noise of the streets, to go to the Botanical Gardens. It is a truly inspiring, mood-lifting and refreshing experience. ★

With this, so long and see you next time!