Make Your New Year Fitness Resolution Come True

With 2014 a new year has begun and most of us took that opportunity to make resolution lists to change for better or chase new goals. I also believe that “doing more sports” is still one of the top points. The typical cliché is that everyone storms into the gym as soon as they can in January, but quit after a short time because they lack motivation and willpower.

It is hard to keep on track, especially if you don’t have fun doing it. And you are right, why should you waste your precious time to do things you don’t like?
On the other hand, you still want to get fit for summer season – so what can you do?

Well, why don’t you take the time to think about what kind of sport you would like to do?
Personally, I don’t enjoy going to the gym very much, even though I don’t mind a little workout. I went to one close to my workplace the last year for a couple of months and I wouldn’t have lasted that long if a coworker would not have been my personal trainer. Being there alone, walking on a treadmill for 40 minutes all by yourself is so boring. A course would have been a good idea, but I am just not the type for swinging and pushing a Flexibar around or doing group-sit-ups. No offense though, if you’re having fun doing these it’s perfectly fine!
But if you are more like me and want to search for something different, here are some ideas for inspiration:

This is my personal favorite right now. I love being in the water, it feels refreshing and releases tons of Endorphines. Plus it’s one of the sports with the lowest injury rate, since the water reduces your weight, leaving less impact on your bones. You are training most of the muscles in your body, improve the health of your heart and even earn a better posture.

The alternative to jogging is walking. My mother is doing this regulary for a long time now and is down to a pretty good body size now. I like joining her sometimes (when it’s warm enough for me outside). The risk of straining your ankles or injure your legs is much less than with jogging and you can do it even if your condition is not the best. All you have to do is walk for maybe about an hour in a fast pace. Taking a course to learn a safe technique is recommended though.

Most of us know yoga since it became a trend-sport a few years ago. There are some different types from the rather slow ones to the power-out’s. It has got so many benefits, I can’t even write down all of them. A few are that it’s said to reconnect your spirit and body, gives you a better posture, increases your strength, lung capacity and flexibility and works wonders for your libido.

Yeah, this is a sport, too! Dancing is really fun and someday I will bring myself to attend some lessons. It helps a lot to improve your motoric and coordination skills. Remembering the steps trains your brain, thus helps to prevent dementia. Your stress level decreases, while your energy level increases. And you can impress the party folks with your new skills.

If none of these are to your liking, then what about joining a sports club?
Take them as an opportunity to get to know new people. This way you can get new friends, challenge yourself in a completly new way and even reach shared goals. Having team-mates relate to you helps you to take your activity seriously and to show up to train constantly. You will also improve on your ability to work in a group and your concentration. A trainer (which you don’t have to pay for extra) keeps an eye on you, to help to prevent hurting your body.

Examples for cool sport clubs are
♥ Basketball
♥ Volleyball or Handball
♥ Kendo
♥ Football/Soccer
♥ Tennis
♥ Badminton

Tell me, what kind of sport would you like to do?

So long!

See you next time!

Pictures taken from
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