Weekly Wrap-Up 21.08.16


Die Woche verging relativ schnell, nicht?

Während ich diesen Artikel schreibe, wirkt sich Awkward Peach und Rosé Haarfarbe von Bleach London in mein Haar ein. Die Farbe wäscht sich bei mir leider mit nur zwei Wäschen sehr schnell wieder raus, daher werde ich gegebenenfalls doch mal bei ManicPanic bestellen in naher Zukunft. Für eine kurze Veränderung ist die Marke aber ganz gut.

This week went by quite fast, didn’t it?

While I write this article, I am dying my hair with hair colors from Bleach London, called Awkward Peach and Rosé. Unfortunately, that color washes itself out very quickly, so I might invest in ManicPanic at some point. But it’s very good for a quick change.


Ich habe endlich mal wieder in einen schönen Blumenstrauß investiert und auch wenn er relativ schmal ausgefallen ist, gefällt er mir sehr gut. (Übrigens stehen rosafarbene Rosen für zarte Liebe und Lila für Liebe auf den ersten Blick, falls ihr euren Liebsten eine Freude machen wollt, haha.) Passend dazu hab ich mir gleich auch eine neue Duftkerze von Yankee Candle zugelegt, in der Geruchsrichtung Lemon Lavender. Während sie brennt nehme ich nicht allzu viel davon wahr, aber jedesmal wenn ich mein Zimmer erneut betrete, riecht es wirklich angenehm.

Finally I invested in a beautiful bouquet again and even though it’s a bit small, I like it a lot. (Btw, pastelpink roses mean soft romance and purple love on first sight in flower language. Just in case you want to give a nice present to a loved one, hehe.) I also bought a new Yankee candle called Lemon Lavender. The scent is a bit faint for my nose while it’s burning, but whenever I enter my room again it’s smells fantastic. 


Diese Jacke habe ich letzte Woche in River Island gefunden und mich direkt verliebt. Irgendwas muss mit meiner Sicht gewesen sein, denn ich habe sie eindeutig in pastelrosa in Erinnerung, aber heute konnte sich keine der Verkäuferinnen erinnern, jemals diese Farbe zu der Jacke gesehen zu haben. Was soll’s, cremefarben sieht auch toll aus!

Ansonsten habe ich angefangen ein bisschen Japanisch zu lernen. Ein paar Worte und Floskeln kenne ich schon, aber fürs wirkliche Sprechen reicht es noch lange nicht. Momentan übe ich Hiragana zu lesen und zu schreiben. Gar nicht so einfach, sich nochmal an ein ganz anderes Alphabet zu gewöhnen und wenn ich daran denke, dass ich auch noch Katakana und Kanji lernen müsste, will ich mich nur auf den Boden werfen hahaha.

Mal sehen, wie weit ich um diese Zeit in einem Jahr sein werde! (Vielleicht kann ich Anime dann schon ohne Untertitel schauen, wer weiß, hahaha!)

Last week I found this jacket in River Island and it was love at first sight! Something strange must’ve been going on with my sight at that time, because I could only remember it being in a pastel pink color, but none of the salesperson today could remember the jacket in this color. Whatever, I love it in creme shading just as much!

Apart from that I started to learn Japanese a little bit. I already know a few words and phrases, but it’s not enough to hold any real conversation. At the moment I learn reading and writing Hiragana. It’s not that easy to learn a completely new alphabet and whenever I think about having to learn Katakana and Kanji as well I just want to drop onto the floor and curl myself up hahaha. 

Let’s see how far I’ve come at this time next year! (Maybe I’ll be able to watch Anime without any subtitles by then, hahaha!)


Apropos Anime, Anfang dieser Woche bin ich auf Bungou Stray Dogs gestoßen und mittlerweile habe ich es auch schon geschafft mir die komplette erste Staffel, den Manga und den SD Manga durchzulesen.

Was soll ich sagen, wenn ich einmal drin bin, kann mich nichts mehr aufhalten.
(〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Ich hoffe, ihr habt einen tollen Einstieg in die neue Woche!

Speaking of Anime, since beginning of last week I got into Bungou Stray Dogs and already finished watching the whole first season, the Manga and also the side SD Manga.

What can I say, once I am hooked, there’s no stopping me. (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

I hope you all have a great start into the new week!

Litmus Email Conference Recap


You know these days, when everything just seems to go wrong? That seemed to be the case, when I was on the way to London for the Litmus Email Conference 2016.

I already went to work with a bad feeling, which I didn’t seem to be able to shake off, no matter what I tried. Making a few jokes with my coworkers I told them good-bye and made my way to the bus for the airport.

Thanks to my previous bad feeling, I wasn’t all too surprised, when my bus broke down in the middle of the street leaking oil. Making a quick decision, I teamed up with 3 other people and we took a taxi and to my surprise, the one girl in there even covered costs for me! Thank you so much!

I thought, I had gotten rid of any troubles, the procedure through the security gate went quickly without any disturbances, but it turned out, my flight was to be delayed for half an hour. Then a full hour. Two hours. More.

When I finally started to get impatient, due to the check-in closing times of the hostel, where I would stay, we got into the plane, where we still had to wait at least half an hour to finally get up in the air. To not waste any time, I took a taxi to the hostel and made it right in time for check-in shortly before 11 at night.


The location was very easy to find the next morning, since I had already been close there during a holiday weekend with my friend in May. (Funny enough, it is close to where the Jack the Ripper murders happened. And also close to a cat cafe.)

I told the ladies from the conference my name, only to find out, that my name nor my company’s name was on the list! Using their wifi, I quickly contacted my manager. Having the probably best manager in the world, she took care of the problem and bought me a last minute spot. Thanks to her I could still make it!

But hold on, Misaki, what even is the Litmus Email conference?

Litmus itself is a company which provides a helpful platform for email testing, creating, helping with analytical tools and more. We use it to give our email code a first check up, how it behaves in different clients like Gmail or Yahoo Mail, before we live test it.

Once a year, Litmus hosts a two-day workshop conference in different cities like London, Boston and San Francisco this year, to bring the email community together, so we can learn from each other or share our pain with said clients. (Looking at you, Outlook!)

At the entrance we got little goodie-bags including business cards stating useful coding tips, buttons, a shirt and stickers and then headed to the workshop room for The Elements of Email Design. (There was another workshop about Progressive Enhancement and Interactive Emails.)


Teaching a range from very inexperienced attendees to full-fledged newsletter designers, the workshop covered pretty much all the basics for designing a good, standard email and I felt proud, that my team already covered 95% of the presented things.

After that followed some very interesting talks like addressing how to take leadership over your design and rules to be morally correct when targeting subscribers. To round up the first day, a few people could submit their email code to get live feedback from the Litmus hosts and the audience about how to improve it.


The first day ended around 5, I think, which left me with an evening to walk around London a little bit. Since my hostel is located close to Tower Bridge I made my way from there along the River Thames to Big Ben and back. If you are ever in London, try to do this walk as well, especially when the sun begins to set!

Not only are Big Ben and the London Eye beautifully illuminated at night, the trees along the path are decorated in fairy lights, every now and then a talented street musician showcases their skills (I witnessed a girl with an incredible rough, emotional voice and a guy stating he’s a lost wanderer and playing melancholic guitar tunes) and once it gets quieter you can hear the soft crashing of the waves against the tiny strip of beach along the water. It’s super romantic haha!


The second day started with a nice breakfast in my hostel, after which I made my way back to the conference building. Unlike the first day, this time talks were divided between Marketing and Development, so you could choose which one to attend. A bit of a tough choice, since they all sounded so interesting, but thankfully each session got recorded, so we could watch them later.

My flight back to Dublin already went off in the afternoon, so I had to skip the last lecture and the farewell speech, but looking into the Twitter hashtag, everyone seemed to have had a blast.

All in all, I absolutely loved the event, from the little surprise gifts (Litmus socks anyone?!), the amazing food (Bento boxes for lunch and the tiniest ice-cream cone ever as dessert!) to the fun people (joking about dubious red light tinted hotel rooms with two Copenhageners).

If you are interested in learning more about Email Marketing and meeting like minded folks, this is your go-to conference!

Travel Throwback: Berlin

coverWie manche vielleicht schon von meinem Instagram Account wissen, habe ich Weihnachten und Neujahr dieses Jahr in Berlin verbracht. Eigentlich hatte ich nicht mal geplant, so lang vor Ort zu bleiben, aber als ich erfahren habe, dass in Dublin kein Feuerwerk gezündet werden darf, bin ich sofort zur airbnb-Seite gegangen um meinen Aufenthalt zu verlängern. Gebucht habe ich dann ein Apartment nahe der Oberbaumbrücke, von dort aus man das Feuerwerk gut beobachten können sollte.

As some may know from my Instagram, I’ve spent my Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Berlin this year. Originally I hadn’t planned to stay that long, but upon hearing, that there are no fireworks allowed in Dublin I rushed over to airbnb to search for an apartment to extend my stay. I booked one close to Oberbaumbrücke, where a good spot for watching fireworks was supposed to be. 

Einige Tage vor Weihnachten haben sich meine Eltern spontan dazu entschlossen mich auf meinem dreitägigen Abenteuer zu begleiten haha. Nachdem ich von meinen lieben Großeltern nach Strich und Faden verwöhnt und beköstigt worden war, bin ich am 29. Dezember in mein Apartment übergewechselt.

A few days before Christmas, my parents decided to join me on my three day adventure and booked an apartment for themselves as well haha. After being pampered and stuffed to no end by my lovely grandparents I moved into my short term apartment on the 29th of December. 

blog5Das Beste zu erst mal: Weihnachtsmärkte! Ich hatte Glück, denn einige der vielen Weihnachtsmärkte in Berlin blieben noch einige Tage nach dem Fest geöffnet, so dass wir noch durch die volle Pracht von Glitzer und Lichtern schlendern konnten.

First things first: Christmas markets! I was lucky, because some of the many Christmas markets in Berlin stayed open until a few days after the Holy Night, so we could still stroll through the full glory of glitter and lights.

blog6.jpgblog2.jpgblog7.jpgblog15.jpgblog16.jpgNachdem wir uns in einem Kartoffelrestaurant mit passender Dekoration gestärkt hatten, sind wir die Straßen entlang zum wahrscheinlich bekanntesten Shoppingcenter in Berlin gegangen – dem KaDeWe. Eigentlich wollten wir nur durch die (etwas hochpreisigen) Klamotten stöbern, aber wie es nun mal so ist, wenn ich einen Sonnenbrillenstand sehe, dann muss ich da auch Brillen aufsetzen. Und eine der Brillen sah dann überraschenderweise auch noch gut aus. Und zwar so gut, dass ich nach mehrmaligem Hin und Her mich dazu entschieden habe, sie tatsächlich zu kaufen. Jetzt bin ich stolze Besitzerin meiner ersten MiuMiu Brille und habe noch nie so viel Geld für ein Accessoire ausgegeben.

After we strengthened ourselves in a potato themed restaurant with fitting decorations, we walked along the streets to the probably most famous shopping center in Berlin – the KaDeWe. (Please pronounce the vowels longer, like KahDehWeh.) Our plan was to just browse through the (a little bit pricey) clothes, but as it had to be, if I see a display of sunglasses, I have to try glasses on. And then a pair of glasses actually looked good on me. Like, so good, that after a bit of back and forth I decided to buy them. Now I am proud owner of my first pair of MiuMiu sunglasses and I’ve never spent so much money on accessories before in my life.

blog3.jpgDen nächsten Tag haben wir eine Reihe von Sehenswürdigkeiten abgeklappert, inklusive dem tollen Aquarium-Fahrstuhl beim Radisson Blue Hotel. Leider kann man nur damit fahren, wenn man aus dem SeaLife herauskommt, daher blieb es nur beim Fotografieren.

We spent the next day checking out sights, including the amazing aquarium elevator at the Radisson Blue hotel. Unfortunately, you can only have a drive with it if you get out of SeaLife. That’s why I left it with just taking a picture.

Trotz der eisigen Kälte (Modetrend bei allen Berlinern: dicker Schal um Hals und Mund mit Wollmütze) hatten wir eine Menge Glück mit dem Wetter und so blieb es bis zum 31. Januar trocken und sonnig.

Despite the icy cold temperatures (fashion trend of Berlin people: thick scarf around neck and mouth and a woolen hat) we had a lot of luck with the Weather and it stayed sunny until the 31th January. 

blog8.jpgblog9blog11blog14blog12Das Feuerwerk auf der Oberbaumbrücke zu erleben war definitiv ein Abenteuer und großer Spaß. Da es an dem Tag viel geregnet hatte, konnten wir leider nicht so weit sehen, aber die Leute um uns herum haben uns mit ihren eigenen Feuerwerken in Stimmung gebracht, das Jahr mit einem tollen Gefühl zu starten. Seitdem bin ich motiviert 2016 mein bestes Jahr zu machen und meinen Weg mit erhobenem Kopf zu gehen.

Watching fireworks from the Oberbaumbrücke was definitely an adventure and a lot of fun. Since it had rained that day, we couldn’t see that far across the river, but people firing their own fireworks easily got us in the right mood to start the new year with positive feelings and intentions. Since then, I am motivated to make 2016 the best year and go my way with my head held high. 

blog13blog17blog18Wie war das neue Jahr für euch so bis jetzt?

How was your new year so far? 

Wishing you all the best.

So far, see you next time. Bis zum nächsten Mal.

Personal Monday


Es gab zwei Dinge, an die ich mich letzte Woche wieder erinnert habe. Zum einen das, obwohl wir im Grunde dieselben Menschen bleiben, wir uns ständig weiterentwickeln und Teile von uns neu finden oder loslassen. An etwas festzuhalten, nur weil es uns schon eine Weile begleitet hat, bringt uns nicht weiter. Daher ist es gut, ab und an innezuhalten und Platz zu schaffen, sei es in unserem Verhalten, der Wohnung oder zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen.

There were two things I remembered last week. For one, even though we kinda stay the same people, our personality and self always keeps evolving. We either find new traits or let go of old ones. It doesn’t help us to hold onto something only because it was part of us for a while. Therefore I think it’s important to stop from time to time and clear up some space, be it parts of our behavior, our flat or people which surround us.

Zum anderen, das es okay ist, an sich selbst und die eigene Leistung zu glauben. Ich muss zugeben, dass ich mich für ein paar Tage gefragt habe, ob meine Arbeit wirklich von nutzen ist und ob es sich überhaupt lohnt. Während unseres Firmen-Abendessens letzten Freitag allerdings habe ich durch meine Teamleiterin dann erfahren, das wir erstaunliche Fortschritte machen konnten und wir als Team sehr stolz auf uns sein können.

The other thing is, that it is okay to believe in oneself and your own efforts. I have to say, the last days I questioned myself, if what I am doing is any good. During our company dinner last friday my team leader then told us, that we hauled in amazing achievements and that we can be very proud of us as a team.


Es sind nur noch 5 Wochen bis Weihnachten! Darüber darf ich gar nicht nachdenken, dieses Jahr ging unglaublich schnell vorbei, nicht? Die Lichtinstallationen in Dublin sind mittlerweile alle am funkeln und leuchten, etwas, was ich in München nicht in den Ausmaßen hatte. Schaut es euch irgendwann einmal an, okay?

Only 5 weeks left until christmas! I shouldn’t think about it, this year went by in the blink of an eye, didn’t it? The light installations in Dublin are all sparkling and glittering by now. That’s something I didn’t get to see to this extend in Munich. Be sure to come visit one day, okay?


Schon erstaunlich, als ich noch in Deutschland gelebt habe, hat mich deutsche Musik nie interessiert. In letzter Zeit hab ich mir dann doch mal ein Paar Lieder von früher wieder angehört und gemerkt, dass da doch ein paar wirklich intelligente Texte zu finden sind.

Fun thing, while I still lived in Germany, I never really cared about german music. Somehow, these last days I got interested and listened to some songs from back then and noticed, that there are a lot with quite some smart lyrics.

With this, hope to see you next time again!

New: Personal Monday

Ich weiß, es ist verdammt lange her wo ich das letzte Mal gepostet habe. I am guilty, very guilty! Ab jetzt werde ich versuchen mindestens einmal pro Woche einen neuen Post zu schreiben und hochzuladen. Wünscht mir Glück. (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ

Heute werde ich meine persönlichen Favoriten und Neuheiten der Woche vorstellen, auch genannt: Personal Monday.


I know it’s been ages since I posted the last time. I am guilty, very guilty!
Starting now, I want to try to update this Blog at least once a week. Wish me luck. (

Today I will talk about my personal Favorites and new things from this week, calling it: Personal Monday.

Eigentlich bin ich ein totaler Sommertyp, ich liebe das warme (heiße) Sonnenlicht, Eis essen und im besten Falle am Meer zu sein. Komischerweise bin ich derzeit aber absolut begeistert von den Skandinavischen Ländern: Finnland, Lappland, Schweden,…

Die Vorstellung von endlosem Schnee, Rentieren und schlichtem Design hat es mir derzeit angetan. Hoffentlich schaffe ich es 2016 in wenigstens eines dieser Länder. o(*>ω<*)o

Normally I am totally the summer type of person, I love the warm (hot) sunlight, eating ice-cream and – if I am lucky –  going to the sea. So strange that I am currently obsessed with the Scandinavic Islands: Finland, Lappland, Sweden,…

Right now, I love the idea of endless snow, reindeers and simple design – amazing!
Hopefully I can travel to at least one of these countries in 2016.  o(*>ω<*)o

Derzeit träume ich immer öfter von meiner eigenen Wohnung, ganz ohne Mitbewohner, die ich komplett so einrichten kann, wie ich es mir vorstelle. Dazu schaue ich regelmäßig auf Pinterest für Inspiration und werde ganz hibbelig. Bunte Stühle mit Fellüberwurf? Riesige Topfpflanzen in Zimmerecken? Große Spiegel? Gold, Rosé und rote Farbtöne? Ja, ja, ja!!
Geht es euch da genauso wie mir? Was sind eure Wunsch-Einrichtungsstile?

These days I more and more dream of living in my own apartment, completely without any roommate, that I can style to my heart’s content. I regularly tune in to Pinterest for inspiration and become really excited. Colorful chairs with (fake) fur throw? Enormous plants in room corners? Gigantic mirrors? Gold, rosé and red colors? Yes, yes, yes!!

Are you feeling the same as me? What are your dream-interieur styles?

Seit einigen Monaten trage ich meine Haare weiß-pink und obwohl der Look ziemlich niedlich aussieht, bin ich mittlerweile auch ein wenig gelangweilt davon. Richtig gut gefallen mir derzeit blaugrün-farbene Haare. Gold und rot lassen sich super gut damit kombinieren. Pastel Hellblau oder Türkis stehen aber auch oben auf meiner Wunschliste. Mal sehen, was mir mein Friseur so zaubern kann.

For a few months now I dyed my hair white and pink and even though that look is really cute, I’ve gotten a bit tired of it. At the moment I really like teal colored hair. You can easily combine them with gold and red. Pastel light blue or turquoise are also on my wishlist. Let’s see, what wonders my hairdresser will perform.

See you next time!

My Sweet Escape Garden

botanic garden dublinIt is good to get to know the city you are living in. This is something that easily gets forgotten, when we are living our daily lives. We are going to work and once it’s time to go home, we just feel the need to relax in our four walls, especially when the weather is not as nice as we wish it to be.

I am very guilty of this. After spending 3 months in Dublin now, a certain routine has set in and I often find myself staying in front of the computer all night instead of going out.

botanic garden dublinThat’s why, a few weeks ago, when it was warm and sunny, I decided to overcome my laziness and spend my time exploring my new home a bit. Out of all the things to do, I liked the idea of being surrounded by nature the most. But a lot of my favorite points of interest were located too far outside of Dublin city and I didn’t want to go by train all by myself. (I enjoy day-trips the most with friends.)

So, after a bit of research, the best option was to hop onto a bus and drive to the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. From our center it is about an half an hour ride. (I took bus number 83, but number 4 and 9 also get you there. For more information, click here.)

The entry to the Botanic Garden is completely free, except if you wish to attend a guided group tour.

They have several glasshouses with different themes, but the palm house was my favorite. It’s warm and very humid in there, but look at these big purple blossoms hanging from the walls amidst all the big green leafs. ♥

botanic garden dublinbotanic garden dublinbotanic garden dublinbotanic garden dublinNonetheless, the outdoor gardens are also nothing to sneeze at. You can easily get lost following all these little paths, taking you to small birch forests or fields with local flora and fauna.

botanic garden dublinThe only slightly sad thing was, that most roses in the rose garden weren’t fully opened yet, although all other bushes and plants bloomed like crazy. After spending the next 20 minutes following and watching squirrels hopping through daisies and meadow, I reached this beautiful hangout.

botanic garden dublin
I wish, I could have sat there for a longer time, surrounded by pastel purple blossoms, but it was getting colder and more cloudy, so I hurried up to finish my visit before the big rain clouds would come.

I recommend everyone, who is tired from seeing nothing but city buildings or hearing the noise of the streets, to go to the Botanical Gardens. It is a truly inspiring, mood-lifting and refreshing experience. ★

With this, so long and see you next time!

How to prepare a year abroad in Dublin

How to move to DublinIt’s been a long time, since I updated my blog. I know, I am sorry!

In the meantime I moved over from good ol’ Munich to Dublin. My plan is to stay here for at least a year (although everyone I talk to tells me, that they planned the same and ended up staying for years – uh oh?!)

But back to the beginning, December 2014, where I parted ways with my old company. I planned to do so for quite a while and when my former school mate Steph Ohwhat asked me, if I wanted to spend a year abroad in Dublin, it was a very welcoming idea. In January I started applying, enjoyed my sweet spare time with a bit too much reality TV and finally found a new position in February. In only one and a half week I prepared everything for the big trip and flew over to the emerald island.
Samuel Beckett BridgeThe first week was a bit overwhelming – leaving the plane and being greeted by a very irish accented taxi driver (whom I payed too much money, ugh), a very cold and windy weather and not exactly knowing how things are working. It took me good three days to get used to the changes and getting started to settle

In about two weeks, after a few more or less successful viewings, I found my apartment in Dublin city center, conveniently located only a few minutes to walk from my office.

While I plan on sharing more of my adventures in Dublin over the time, here are my first tips if you want to head over, too:
Trinity CollegeWhat to do before moving

 find a job
It’s not absolutely necessary to do that before you move, but it surely makes everything less stressful. I recommend sites like monster.ie or irishjobs.ie. You will learn, that you will be in contact with a headhunting agency at first and if you are suited for the position, you applied for, they will forward your CV to the company and come back to you with their answers. They arrange phone or Skype interviews, give you tips for moving and may even call you back after the first day of your new job to know, how you liked it.

★ getting health insurance
Maybe this applies for Germany only, but I arranged for a health insurance for working abroad in Germany, as the irish health insurances don’t cover everything and you may need to pay for things yourself. (For example, mine covers only hospital visits, but no doctor appointments)

★ book flight
Well, obviously you need to get from A to B. Or D. It is possible to go by car and take a ferry, but it takes sooo long. To bring more stuff with me, I simply booked additional luggage (70€ well spend). Tip: Check online, if there are currently any deals for your airline!

★ contact your bank
Your bank needs to know, it’s really you, who is suddenly withdrawing all that cash overseas and not some shady card thief! You also may need to unlock your bank account for oversea withdrawals.

★ check your equipment
Keep in mind, that the UK has different sockets, so buy an socket adapter in advance or before departing at the airport. Also check, if there are any differences in Volt usage (hair stylers and such).

★ visit your hairdresser for the last time
Arrive in your new destination in style. I didn’t have the time to find a new hairdresser before my first day at work with all the formalities going on. Plus, if for example, you want to dye your grown out roots, you need to make a skin test at every hairdresser beforehand, meaning they will apply the product on your skin and if nothing happens for two days, you can show up again for an appointment. While this is for their personal insurance, it’s also your latency.
Sandymount Housewhat to do after moving?

★ get a PPS number
You need a PPS number to be able to do the next steps (finding an apartment, getting a bank account,…). Show up at their office in the morning with your ID card, your contract of employment and a prove that you are living in Dublin, such as a bill. (Fun thing, since you need a PPS number to get an apartment. I stayed with my school friend for the first two weeks, so I got a bill from them and switched addresses, after I found my own residence.) The process itself is easy, show the stuff to the desk lady (/guy), get a ticket number and wait until said number appears on the screen in the waiting area. After filling out a form, you are done and wait for a week, until they send a card with your PPS number to the address you stated as your current residence.

★ search for an apartment
There are many sites, but daft.ie is the most popular. Right now, rent prices have gone up a bit, so a shared apartment may be a good option to save some money. Be prepared, that the pictures online are not always the reality and that although they write “central heating”, it’s often “electric heating”. (The latter is the most common, but also the most expensive).
The first apartment, I viewed, wrote nice things like “build in wall TV”, “luxurious and modern” and “with “basketball court”. Arriving there I was greeted by the smallest flat, I have ever seen; missing the TV and glamour, and the basketball court in the backyard was full of waste.

★ get a bank account
This will be the hardest challenge. This should’ve been Odysseus’ last trial. No, I am exaggerating, but it was a bit annoying. Again, you will need a prove of address aka bill and your ID card to make an appointment. Since I just moved into my own apartment, I didn’t have a bill, so my employer had to write me a letter, that stated, that I was, in fact, living and working here.

★ mobile phone card
I recommend getting a TESCO mobile card, since it’s cheap and you can just easily switch the SIM cards from your mobile phone.
Samuel Beckett BridgeOnce done with all the formalities, it’s finally getting more fun, as you can enjoy strolling through the city without to-do lists in the back of your mind.

It’s a bit of work at first, but it won’t take longer than a month to go through all the stuff.

It definitely doesn’t feel like “just a month” for me, after so much happened. On the good side, now I am mostly used to how things work over here and go with the flow.

What’s it for you? Do you plan to spend a year abroad, too?

Are there more things you want to know about going to Dublin?

Enjoy your Eastern!

So long,
See you next time!